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Forestry & Woodland Management

Woodlands often represent different interests to different people. We specialise in devising holistic and comprehensive management strategies in consultation with our clients to achieve the desired outcomes. Multi-purpose woodlands may be managed for conservation, recreation, amenity, sporting or purely commercial timber production.

Having strong in-house expertise and good relationships with statutory and third sector stakeholders, we are well positioned to deliver the following services.

  • Individual tree and woodland surveys
  • Assessment of trees in relation to planning & development proposals (BS5837: 2012.Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.)
  • Advice and design services regarding the creation of new woodlands
  • Preparation of Woodland Management Plans
  • Grant applications and amendments (Countryside Stewardship Scheme and England Woodland Creation Offer)
  • Submitting/amending felling licences
  • Engaging and overseeing forestry contractors
  • Marketing timber
  • Purchase, sale and valuation of woodlands 
  • Plant health / disease management – including responding to Statutory Plant Health Notices
  • GIS Mapping of woodlands, including aerial photography