A stack of tree trunks that have been felled for timber.

Our Forestry Services

Looking for expert forestry and felling services? Our team of experienced forestry specialists can provide a wide range of services to help you manage your woodland, from woodland creation grants and planting through to felling and thinning. We also offer advice and guidance on all aspects of woodland management, including grant applications, tree disease management, and timber marketing. We're your trusted advisors for all your forestry and felling needs.

Looking to get the most from your woodland?

We understand the value of commercial forestry and the benefits it can bring to landowners. Whether you're looking to thin your woodland to improve growth and productivity or to clearfell and restock following a successful growing cycle, we have a team of expert forestry advisors and contractors who can provide a wide range of forestry services to help you manage your woodland.

We understand that managing a profitable woodland involves more than just felling and harvesting. Our expert forestry advisors can provide advice on all aspects of managing a woodland, including developing management plans, identifying new revenue streams, and navigating the complex regulatory environment. We can also help you to identify funding opportunities to support your woodland management activities.

Spruce tree forest

Clear Felling Your Land

Clear felling is the complete removal of all suitable trees in a woodland area, typically done when the trees have reached maturity and are ready for harvest. Once felling has taken place, the area is often restocked with fresh planting. Our team can provide expert advice on the most appropriate time to clear fell, the best harvesting methods to minimise environmental impact, and how to ensure the site is prepared for the next phase of forestry.

Working Safely & Sustainably

At H&H, we are committed to ensuring that all of our commercial forestry services are carried out safely and sustainably. We work closely with contractors to ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with the highest safety and environmental standards. We are also committed to promoting sustainable forest management practices that help to protect biodiversity and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Sun shining through a green canopy of a woodland with bluebells on the ground

Get In Touch For Expert Advice

At H&H Land & Estates, we aim to help our clients to manage profitable woodlands and maximising the benefits associated with having trees on your land. Our expert forestry advisors and network of contractors can provide a range of woodland and forestry services and advice to ensure the long-term productivity of your woodland. Get in touch today for specialist advice on how your woodland can be managed to maximise its profitability.