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Here at H&H Land & Estates, we offer our clients three different ways of selling their properties. Property can be sold by private treaty, public auction or by tender.

Public Auction – A popular method of sale where your property is up for people to bid in an auction for.

Private Treaty – Recognised as the usual, traditional method of sale.

By Tender – Offers are made usually in a sealed envelope  prior to a deadline, perhaps giving an element of mystery.

The process of an auction typically involves the following steps:

Selling your property at Auction offers several advantages:
  • Speedy Process - The auction process, from advertising to completion, usually takes between 8 -10 weeks. Auctions provide a fast and efficient way to sell your property, ensuring a quick sale within a defined timeframe. 
  • Binding Contract - When the auctioneers hammer falls and the reserve price is met, it establishes a binding contract between the seller and the highest bidder. This immediate agreement ensures certainty for both parties. 
  • Secure Transaction - The buyer is required to sign the contract immediately after the auction and provide a deposit, usually around 10% of the purchase price. The seller also signs the contracts and the exchange of contract solidifies the transaction.
  • Completion date - The contract specifies a completion date when the buyer must pay the remaining balance of the purchase price. This predetemined date provides clarity and ensures a smooth transition of ownership.
  • Deposit Protection - If the buyer fails to complete the purchase, the seller retains the deposit. This deposit acts as a safeguard for the seller, covering any expenses incurred during the auction process. 
  • No Chain - Auction sales eliminate the complexities and uncertainties of property chains. The seller does not have to wait for other transactions to be completed, providing a more straightforward process.
  • Pre-auction surveys - To attract confident buyers, it is advisable to have all of the necessary surveys conducted before the auction. This allows potential bidders to make informed decisions based on the property's condition and value. 
  • Competitive bidding - Auctions create a competitive environment that often leads to achieving open market value or even surpassing expectations. Spirited bidding among interested buyers can drive the price higher, resulting in a favourable outcome for our sellers.
  •  Back up Plan - If the property does not sell at the auction, it can be transitioned to the private treaty method of sale. This ensures that the property remains on the market, providing alternative avenues for potential buyers to make offers.