Jake Moscrop
BSc (Hons) & PhD
Environment & Conservation Advisor

Jake joined H&H Land & Estates in June 2023 after completing his PhD in Plant Sciences. Jake has experience in crop science, pollinator ecology, plant identification and environmental surveying, and is looking forward to working with the Environment team.

Qualifications & Education

  • BSc (Hons) with industrial placement in Biological Sciences – Durham University
  • PhD in Plant Sciences – Cambridge University

Hobbies & Interests

Gardening, baking, music, and hiking. 


Jake grew up on a hill farm in Bewcastle, Cumbria, and pursued his interest in the environment to study Biological Sciences, with a focus on plant biology and ecology. After completing his undergraduate degree, Jake worked in crop science at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, approving new crop varieties for UK growers. He then completed his PhD, developing strategies to improve pollination and yield of field beans. Jake now works on his family’s farm alongside his role as an environment and conservation advisor at H&H Land & Estates.

My Happy Place

Growing plants the garden or walking in the woods.