Planning for the Future

H&H Land & Estates Expands Business Operations

As the North West’s leading independent property and land consultancy, H&H Land & Estates , prepares to expand into its new offices in Kendal Mark Johnson celebrates his first anniversary as Managing Director. Here he looks the future for the company  and discusses how the opportunities for the region’s farming and the agri sectors.

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of working closely with our dedicated team and valued partners to support clients through the challenges of a rapidly changing rural landscape. Together, we have navigated the minefields of policy and paperwork, and celebrated successes based on the principles that have defined H&H Land & Estates for decades– collaboration, resilience, and forward-thinking.

These are the values that are propelling us into an exciting new phase of our journey, which starts with the expansion of H&H Land and Estates in our new offices in Staveley, near Kendal. This major step reflects our commitment to helping the agricultural and land industries to adapt to the changes that are sweeping through farming practices and policies, but also to take full advantage of the incredible opportunities that change brings.

The farming and land sector is undergoing a transformative period. New policies, practices, and environmental considerations are reshaping the way we approach agriculture. We understand that these profound shifts necessitate a responsive and innovative approach, and we are developing the range and depth of our capabilities to meet the growing demand from our existing and new clients for the advice and support they need to embrace change and capitalise on new avenues for success.

Sustainable farming today requires an understanding of natural capital and diversification. Farmers are exploring additional income streams and sustainable practices to enhance the overall value of their holdings. With the removal in Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments, the priority to maximise potential has never been greater, and we’re investing in building a team with all the expertise and experience to guide farmers and landowners through these transitions. The land consultancy team at H&H Land & Estates has always been uniquely strong in the north of England, and in recent years we have developed a dedicated environment and forestry team specifically to support those within the industry adapt to the new environmentally focused UK farming policy. And we will soon be announcing additional key appointments that will help transform the South Lakes business.

As a company we understand the interconnections between land, farms, and property sales, and as farmers and landowners adapt to new policies and practices, they might also need to make changes to their property portfolios. Our ongoing business expansion allows us to seamlessly integrate these services, providing a holistic approach that addresses the sector’s multifaceted needs.

Fundamentally, our expansion and our new Stavely offices are clear testament to our belief in the future of farming and land management. We recognise that this is a time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity, but our commitment remains unchanged: to empower our industry partners with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in this new era of agriculture.

We are embarking on a new chapter that holds immense promise, and I look forward to the continued collaboration, growth, and success that lie ahead.