Are You Looking After Your Own Future and the Future of Your Farming Business?

Established in 2020, the H&H Group’s Farmstock Futures is committed to supporting the future generation of farmers aged between 25 – 45.  And as part of its programme, it is hosting two webinars aimed at helping farmers look after both themselves and the future of their own farming enterprises.

Nick Mullins, Chartered Surveyor & Environment Advisor for H&H Land & Estates, will chair the webinars, taking place on Thursday 8th February and Thursday 22nd, both between 6.30 and 7.30 pm.

  • Seminar 1 - Thursday 8th February, will look at Mental Wellness and Health & Safety
  • Seminar 2 - Thursday 22nd February, will discuss Succession Planning 

Farmstock Futures, open to all those in farming and the agricultural sectors, is an innovative and forward-thinking community, and these sessions are designed to address crucial aspects of farming life and provide actionable insights for members. These Farmstock Futures virtual events have been specifically initiated to support and ensure that our next generation of farmers are working towards a healthy, happy, and profitable future within farming.

Understanding the importance of looking after your own mental health, and the safety of you and others is absolutely vital,  and the second seminar, covering the importance of succession planning, is intended to help people start a successful succession journey.

In the first webinar, using statistics from their research,  Lauren Codling from RABI, will talk about  how the many changes in farming, can affect our mental wellbeing, and how RABI can help or be of service.  In addition, Simon Newing, Consultant with AW Safety, who is from a farming background and now advises on agri health & safety, will discuss current health & safety statistics, general hazards, rights of way, and the importance of having a safe environment. As well as giving guidance on what happens if you ignore health & safety and how to manage your risk assessments.

Without a doubt, securing your farm's future is an absolute priority, and in the Guide to Succession Planning webinar planned for later in February, Richard Miller from Burnetts Solicitors will share his expertise based on real-life succession cases. This session will cover business planning, communication strategies among family members, and understanding legalities like wills and partnership agreements.

A tax expert from accountants Dodd & Co will also talk through inheritance tax planning and implications, agricultural and business property relief, and issues relating to capital gains tax, and Jonathan Hird, Chartered Surveyor with H&H Land & Estates will give advice on valuation of assets, and tenancy succession.

Together, through Farmstock Futures our aim is to, learn, and navigate the challenges and opportunities of modern farming and these events are intended to do just this

These webinars are open to all aged between 25 – 45, and if you are interested in attending these webinars and/or joining Farmstock Futures please contact Nina Oxley at [email protected], and in the meantime you can visit the dedicated website:, to keep an eye on forthcoming events and be part of a community shaping the future of agriculture.