Building/planning on a farm

Opportunities for Farm Diversification

Considering diversifying your farm and creating a new project as an extra source of income?

Farm Diversification projects offer farmers in England the opportunity to expand their operations, increase profitability, and adapt to changing market conditions. By exploring alternative income streams beyond traditional agricultural production, farmers can reduce the risk and enhance the long-term sustainability of their businesses. 

What are the crucial factors to keep in mind when considering farm diversification? 

You should take into consideration multiple factors when considering farm diversification, for example:

  • Planning Permission & Regulations
  • Financial Considerations
  • Agritourism Activities
  • Market Demand & Feasibility

Planning Permission and Regulations

Certain types of farm diversification projects require obtaining planning permission from local authorities. Adherence to regulations is crucial when diversifying your farm, whether it's converting buildings or installing renewable energy infrastructure. Alongside our planning and architectural partner, Harraby Green Associates, we can provide a comprehensive planning service from start to finish. Here at H&H Land & Estates, our team delivers tailored advice across commercial, mixed-use, residential, and rural sectors, from initial feasibility through to planning, valuation, development consultancy, land sales, and acquisitions, the team can help you with it all. With a wealth of experience and local knowledge, some of our services include:

  • Specialist conservation and heritage advice
  • Site assessments and surveys
  • Representations to local councils concerning the allocation of sites for the development 
  • Submission of planning applications with accompanying statements and reports
  • Acting on behalf of clients at planning committees and appeals

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Financial Considerations 

Understanding the financial considerations of diversifying your farm is very important. Performing a cost-benefit analysis helps assess the viability of diversification projects. You should also explore your funding options, for example, there are grants and support schemes available through the Government and agricultural organisations to help you with funding your new business. Here at H&H Land & Estates, we have qualified Land Agency and Environment teams that can provide you with professional advice on all grants and schemes that are available to you. For example, the Farming Investment Fund (FIF), provides grants to improve productivity. It is made up of two separate funds; the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund and the Farming Transformation Fund. 

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Agritourism Activities

You need to consider what will not only bring in an extra source of income, but something that will also bring awareness to your farm itself. By capitalising on the rising interest in rural tourism, farmers can offer agritourism experiences such as farm stays, farm shops, and educational activities to provide visitors with a connection to agricultural life. These generate additional income and also raise awareness about farming practices, which is important as it reconnects people to the source of their food and promotes sustainable agriculture.

Market Demand & Feasibility

Before embarking on a diversification project, it is essential to evaluate and assess the market demand. You need to take a look at the rural businesses around you and see if there are any gaps in the market that you could capitalise on. You will also want to determine what your unique selling point will be to enable you to stand out from the rest of your competitors. From gathering information on your local competition and gaining knowledge on market demand, you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your offering, pricing, and marketing strategies. This will maximise your chances of a successful diversification project on your farm.

In conclusion, exploring opportunities for farm diversification in England holds immense potential for farmers who are looking to enhance the sustainability and profitability of their businesses. However, there are a lot of things to consider before beginning your project so take note of all of the factors above. For more information about anything in this blog, please contact one of our offices below: