Calves in calf housing units with plastic calf shelters and metal gates, on a farm yard


Details have been released today regarding a new grant available this year for the beef and dairy sectors to build new or refurbish existing calf housing.

Cattle keepers will be able to access grants of between £15,000 and £500,000 to co-fund new and upgraded calf housing. In time, Defra will extend the offer to include grants for adult cattle, pig and poultry housing. 

Initially, the grant will be available for cattle keepers to co-fund new and upgraded calf housing, for a variety of building types – for example, the construction of A-frame buildings to house dairy calves from birth to weaning, or a mono-pitch building on a beef unit to house three- to six-month-old calves.

In time this will be extended to include grants for adult cattle, pig and poultry housing. This grant gives farmers around England to fund changes on their farm that will improve productivity and futureproof calf housing.

The stated aim of the grant is to improve the health and welfare of calves (up to 6 months old) by providing a good ambient environment and facilitating social contact through pair or group housing.

The grant will cover up to 40% of the cost of calf housing which:
• provides good ventilation and protects calves from draughts
• protects calves from getting too hot or too cold
• has solid floors with adequate drainage and straw bedding
• houses calves in pairs or groups
• provides calf enrichment
• meets environmental objectives, such as installation of solar panels

We're anticipating this to be a really popular grant! As it will be competitive, the RPA will prioritise calf housing projects that have the biggest impact on animal health and welfare and have considered innovation, productivity, and environmental outcomes.

Click here to read the full details on the GOV website:

More information will be available in summer 2023 ahead of the grant’s launch. Get in touch today if you will be interested in receiving further information as soon as it is available:
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