You can now apply for the Slurry Infrastructure Grant!

Round Two of the Slurry Infrastructure Grant is now Open!

This grant is available to improve your slurry storage, which will ultimately help you improve the use of organic nutrients on your farm, aiding productivity and reducing pollution. Some key details below:

  • Replace, build additional or expand existing stores to provide six months storage
  • Store must be undercover
  • Standard costs and fixed contribution
  • Prioritises those with the greatest environmental benefit that need urgent action to reduce pollution from agriculture and restore natural habitats
  • Areas which they have prioritised on location
  • Available for pigs, beef and dairy farms as long as slurry is already produced

In Round two there is £74 million of grant funding available which is more than double the amount of funding in the first round. We strongly encourage everyone who wants to improve their slurry storage to apply for this grant.

How to Apply:

1. Online Checker - This checker will tell you if you are eligible to apply and how much grant funding you could get based on your storage needs. You have until Janauary 17th 2024 to use this checker.

2. Slurry store location and design check - If your project is shortlisted, the RPA will send you a slurry store location and design check form. This will ask you details about your current and planned slurry storage system, which will then be checked over to see if your project will provide enough storage and comply with regulations. You will need to complete this by 30th September 2024.

3. Full application - After all this is completed, the RPA will ask for some final details about your project and financing plans, you will also need to show that you have planning permission. The full application should be submitted by 27th June 2025 at the latest. 

After all of these checks are complete, you will receive a grant funding agreement, setting out the amount of grant you can claim and the outputs agreed for your project. 

For more information on this grant or to apply, please click here:

Get in touch with your local office for some expert advice: 

• North Lakes (Carlisle) – 01228 406260

• South Lakes (Kendal) – 01539 721375

• North East & Yorkshire (Durham) – 0191 370 8530

• Northallerton - 01609 710377