Image of a living room with a chair, sofa and some coffee tables with plants on. The walls have panelling and an art piece on the wall

9 Top Home Design Trends for 2024

As we kick off another year, the interior design trends continue to evolve, giving us all some new inspiration to brighten up our living spaces. The trends for home design in 2024 are all about mixing timeless vibes with a modern twist.Here at H&H Land & Estates, we encounter a variety of unique and sometimes controversial interior design styles, which makes some of us feel like pros in both interior design and home sales!

Here's 9 top trends in interior design for 2024:

  1. Quiet Luxury – Classic and elegant pieces in your home that never seem to go out of style is the most popular interior design trend for 2024.  From beautiful chandeliers to marble fireplaces which both offer a touch of sophistication to your home.
  2. Statement pieces – Sculptural furniture which is sure to turn heads as people walk through your home. These pieces add character and personality, giving your home a unique edge.
  3. New Neutrals – Say goodbye to cool greys as 2024 welcomes a shift towards the warmer neutrals like beige, off white and taupe.  
  4. Oversized lighting – With a huge emphasis on minimalistic decor, large light fixtures are a great way to add drama without stuffing a space with extra furniture.
  5. Illustrated tiles – Now this is a love or hate one! Illustrated tiles are becoming increasingly popular, they add colour, pattern, and depth to any space.   
  6. Textured walls – Towards the end of 2023, there became a huge spike in the amount of people adding some sort of texture to their walls with panelling becoming the most popular design trend in many people’s homes.  Textured walls are not only nice to look at but they are also a strategic design choice to hide imperfections in the wall.
  7. Gold-Plated Ceramics – Elevate your decor this year with a touch of luxury. Gold plated ceramics are very in at the moment, adding an elegant feeling to your living space.
  8. Stylish Storage – A strange one but decorative storage boxes have been increasingly popular in recent months, keep all of your clutter at bay without sacrificing your interior design style.
  9. The Colour Green – Whether it’s a soft sage wallpaper or an emerald green coffee table, adding some green to your home will give it a much calmer feeling. Bring nature inside your home!

Take a look for yourself at some of the popular home design trends surfacing!

Whether you're into classy vibes or making a statement, there's something for everyone so pick up your paintbrush (or get someone else to do it for you) and brighten up your home in 2024!

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