Drone shot of Moorhouse Hall, image includes a large farmhouse, a bungalow and extensive outbuildings.

Multi-Pronged Approach to Marketing is Key to Selling Success

 Explaining how proper preparation and utilising a multitude of marketing platforms go hand in hand to achieve selling success.


 The team here at H&H Land & Estates, specialists in the preparation and marketing of rural land and farms across the North of England, give sellers and those thinking of offering their property for sale an overview on how to make the most of the marketing process. 


With a multi-pronged approach to marketing, we have seen a phenomenal result in the sale of farms, land, and small holdings this year. As we head into autumn, which is historically a quieter time of year to sell, trends are being bucked this year and the firm is experiencing greater demand and limited supply.


To maximise the price and help ensure a swift and uncomplicated sale, if you are considering selling a property, the proper preparation and presentation prior to marketing is key. This means getting all your ducks in a row, rectifying any issues with the property that may become a problem, and meeting with your agent to discuss the method of sale and marketing.

Marketing land and farms in the 21st century is very different to what it used to be. Proper preparation of land and property is important as we now utilise drone footage to allow potential buyers to really see what’s on offer.

We also use a much broader platform for marketing, promotion, and advertising. Whilst there is still very much a place for the traditional media, platforms such as Right Move and social media are playing an increasing part in selling.

Across the H&H Group of businesses, we have 74,582 Facebook followers, 7,240 Instagram followers, and 8,496 follow on Twitter. Over the last 28 days the Facebook reach for H&H Land & Estates alone is at 100,000, and property posts are getting thousands of views. It is extremely important to maximise these platforms to have the broadest reach possible when you are trying to sell your property.

Rightmove is another important platform and last year Rightmove had over 300 million hours’ worth of views and they report 208 million visits per month. The reach that Rightmove has makes it a significant tool when it comes to marketing and selling a property and why the team at H&H Land & Estates utilise it when selling property.


For more substantial properties, such as larger farms and estates, drone footage can be an extremely useful tool to showcase the property, in addition to the footage usually having a larger reach across social media platforms. Earlier this year we sold two stock rearing farms that utilised drone footage to enable prospective buyers to have a more thorough overview of the properties. On Facebook the two properties reached over 179,000 people and had over 13,700 engagements with 57,500 people watching the footage.  Along with the tremendous reach, through these digital platforms, the engagement and geographical location of these viewers is much broader and often global, from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


When selling farms and land there are two choices, selling either by private treaty or by public auction, each method has its own benefits, so it is always advisable to discuss this with your agent in advance about which one you think is right for you and your property.


A private treaty sale involves the property going onto the open market for a period, with a closing date for offers set if there is sufficient interest. Once the closing date has passed the offers are then considered, there is no obligation to accept any of the offers and often this is a starting point for negotiations to take place. This method allows the person selling a property more control over who buys the property and offers more confidentiality.


The alternative to private treaty is to sell via public auction. This process is more open, with no control over who buys the property, as long as the reserve has been met the sale will go through to the winning bidder. This is a quicker and more certain method for selling land and property, as the exchange of contracts takes place when the auctioneer drops his hammer.


The sale of property is very often the most valuable transaction people complete within their lifetime. It is therefore vital that as many potential buyers see the property as possible. When choosing an agent, many vendors often focus on the overall commission rate as opposed, to what is included in the commission rate. So, for parity, it is important to ensure that you know exactly what is included within the commission and which marketing tools and platforms are to be used to promote the property. In advance make sure you know what the company’s social media reach is and if the property is to be promoted on Rightmove.


With a highly specialised understanding of the land and property sector across the breadth of the north of England and the Scottish Borders, we have a well-regarded reputation across the region. The leading agency have a well-established client base across offices in Carlisle, Cockermouth, Durham, Kendal and Penrith.