Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling a property can be stressful, here’s some handy tips to make the process easier for you...

First impressions count

Most house buyers form their first impressions within seconds of walking through the front door. If you  have a front garden , spend a little time sprucing it up. A few plant pots and a clear pathway can make the front of your house more appealing.

Clear worktops and declutter

A tidy room should never be underestimated.

So, take some time to clean each room from top to bottom paying special attention to high impact rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. You should also think about having a spring clean; if there is too much furniture and things like children’s toys and unused gym equipment lying around, it can make the property feel smaller. 

Add a lick of paint 

Neutral colours are appealing to house buyers; a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your home and will allow would-be buyers to envisage themselves living in the space.

Do some DIY 

Straightforward DIY jobs such as filling holes in walls and checking for clogs in the guttering are easy to do and is one less thing your buyer to think about.  Getting any problems fixed before putting the house on the market is a smart idea.

Brag about your broadband

Broadband speeds are serious business  in this day and age and just advertising the presence of fibre optic cables in your area could be enough to encourage buyers. Make sure to take a look at other  features of your property that are appealing to buyers .

Think smart

Home technologies are increasingly important to buyers. Smart technology such as Hive, which gives mobile control over heating systems, is a feature worth considering. If it moves your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) up a band, it could add to the sale price.

Virtual tour 

For those buyers living out of the area and unable to travel, virtual tours are imperative to show off your property.  H&H provide a high quality tour which is compatible to all digital platforms.

Pick the right agent

Choosing the right estate agent is very important and will have a big impact on how quickly you sell your house, and at what price. Using a  regulated estate agent  will give you the assurance that your estate agent follows best practice, meets all requirements of the profession and works to industry standards.