Farming Grants And Funding Advice

The COP 26 conference is complete, and the UK government is working harder than ever to reach its net zero target.

As the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) begins to be phased out, the significance of ensuring that your farming business is operating as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible is becoming increasingly more important. Funding is out there to help support farmers in meeting targets, so it is essential that these opportunities are grasped.

H&H Land & Estates held a webinar in February 2022, which was well attended by over 300 farmers with a further 300 registered to receive a recording of the session. During this webinar, Daivd Morley (Head of Environment & Conservation), Emma Smith (Chartered Surveyor), Jonathan Hird (Chartered Surveyor) and Nick Mullins (Chartered Surveyor) discussed the different funding opportunities available to farmers and landowners in England for 2022. 

The session is available to watch as a recording of the webinar or in podcast version if you prefer to listen