A reservoir in the middle of large hills.
Ecological Surveying

Our team of experienced, professional ecologists can undertake a range of environmental surveys, including:

  • Ecological appraisals for planning applications
  • UKHab surveys for Biodiversity Net Gain assessment
  • Phase 1 habitat surveys
  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Farm Environment Plan (FEP) surveys
  • Baseline Evaluation of Higher Tier Agreements (BEHTA) surveys
  • A variety of¬†woodland surveys

We have particular expertise in surveying and mapping moorland and upland habitats, having surveyed over 80,000 hectares of moorland and upland farmland across the north of England. We can produce detailed, accurate habitat maps using GIS software.

If an Ecological Appraisal identifies the need for further work in relation to specific protected species, H&H Land & Estates can call on a number of licensed specialists to provide a comprehensive service. Protected species include bats, great crested newts, natterjack toads, barn owls, water voles, white-clawed crayfish, otters and badgers.