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Slurry Investment Scheme

Due to launch in the autumn, a new scheme designed to help farmers increased their slurry storage capacity to maximise on their farm’s resources.

Details of the Defra’s long-anticipated Slurry Storage Grants, part of the Farming Investment Fund, have finally been released. This grant funding is due to launch in the autumn and part of the funding available is to help improve and increase on-farm slurry storage. 

Here Jonathan Hird, Chartered Surveyor for H&H Land & Estates , discusses the details and offers specialist advice for businesses interested in this investment scheme.

“The Slurry Storage Grant funding is 50% of eligible costs with a minimum grant of £25,000, to be capped at a maximum of £250,000. Funding is targeted at livestock farmers who are already using a slurry system. The fund is there to support farm businesses in upgrading their slurry storage to reach six months capacity and to cover the stores with impermeable covers.

Currently farmers are obliged to have a minimum storage of four months. The larger capacity of six months storage will allow farms to use the slurry on crops when they need the nutrients, rather than when the maximum storage has been reached. The six-month storage will be based on the current herd size, and all other stores must meet the regulatory and build standards.

The grant funding is there to replace the existing stores that are now unfit for purpose, and if the current ones are compliant, to expand the existing ones or to build additional stores.   

Application for this grant funding is a two stage process. Firstly, there is an online eligibility checker opening in the autumn, this will then be followed by a full application in the winter. Those who are deemed eligible, will be invited forward for the full application process.

I would expect that the demand for this fund will be high, and as a result, priority in the first instance will be given to those where it is believed that there is a higher environmental benefit, for example, where the steading is located near to an environmentally protected feature. However, it is suggested that there will be further rounds of this funding running over several years.”

Anyone wishing to receive further details about the Slurry Investment Scheme can contact our Carlisle office on 01228 406260.