Navigating the Renters Reform Bill

The Renters (Reform) Bill is one of the most significant pieces of legislation for private renters and landlords in the past 30 years.

Whilst no official date has been announced regarding when the Renters Reform Bill will be brought into effect, it is estimated that it will be made law by October 2024. Although at the beginning, this will only affect new tenancies, after 12 months, all pre-existing tenancies will be included in this as well.

As Lettings Manager at H&H Land & Estates, I understand the concerns landlords are grappling with regarding the impending Renters Reform Bill. Many find it challenging, deeming it unfair as it seemingly restricts their ability to address issues beyond rent arrears, such as antisocial behaviours and property damage.

Under the current framework, Section 21 and Section 8 have been the primary and financially viable methods for eviction. With the bill planning on eliminating Section 21, which is the process in which a landlord can evict their tenant without a reason to give notice. This means landlords will only be allowed to evict their tenants under reasonable circumstances. 

PropertyMark has voiced concerns, advocating for improvements to the court system and the grounds for eviction within the bill. As these discussions unfold, landlords may find themselves left with limited options:

  • Hope for Rent Arrears: Relying on Section 8 becomes a primary option, specifically when tenants accumulate over 2 months in rent arrears.
  • Costly Legal Alternatives: Exploring other grounds for eviction could involve substantial legal costs with uncertain outcomes, often leading to lengthy court hearings.
  • Strategic Property Sale: The new bill offers a streamlined eviction process if landlords opt to sell the property, providing a potential solution.
  • Owner Occupation: Utilizing provisions in the bill, landlords or their families intending to move into the property may be a viable eviction avenue.

At H&H Land & Estates, our commitment to informed guidance and client support is unwavering. While challenges may arise, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the Renters Reform Bill and is dedicated to assisting landlords and tenants alike in navigating these changes with strategic insights.

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