Has Your Land Got Development Potential?

Here at H&H Land & Estates we are seeing exceptional demand for land from developers for short, medium and long term opportunities. We feel this is being driven by three main things, a lack of available land, high demand and ever-increasing competition for land that is on the market. The housing price boom of 2020/2021 has prompted developers to spring into action, we would urge you to contact us to see whether your land has potential for housing or commercial development.

We currently have a multitude of sites under option, promotion or hybrid agreement and have further in negotiation. This is across the entire north of England, which has experienced a housing price boom in recent years. We are ultimately pleased for our clients, who will benefit from sometimes life-changing money from the eventual sale.

Developers are keen on areas which will deliver a meaningful contribution to the areas housing supply and have the ability to sell at good market rates, think market towns and smaller settlements. 

Certain developments with a good contribution of affordable housing may attract a grant to the developer from Homes England, so do not think that your site will not appeal due to its location.

In acting for the landowner, we offer a bespoke service which includes:

  • Site identification, mapping and marketing.
  • Negotiation with developer and advice provided to landowner on the following, including but not limited to:
    • Fees
    • Term
    • Planning application and performance mechanisms
    • Development coverage
    • Timescales
    • Net developable area and minimum land value
    • Access and land tenure considerations
    • Practical considerations and access for planning surveys.
  • Scrutiny of planning application and consent.
  • Service of price notice and valuation methods.
  • Completion of sale.

We have developed excellent relationships with local and national house builders. The process can sometimes be frustrating and take its time, but the reward can be worth the wait.

We would be pleased to have a no-obligation conversation with you if you are reading this and think your land has potential!