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Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness

We frequently act as an intermediary between parties to a dispute in order to help them arrive at a mutual agreement.

This may take the course of arbitration, mediation or assisted negotiation. Such work is usually required for Landlord and Tenant issues but may involve other parties such as statutory authorities.

As a company we regularly receive instructions to act as expert witnesses in court and in quasi judicial hearings with regard to property matters. Expert Witness reports are often required for property matters and disputes when the parties cannot agree on a settlement or outcome.

We only act within our expertise, experience and knowledge and provide an impartial report that can be used by both parties, known as a Single Joint Expert Report.

In these instances our duty is the Court and therefore we act completely independently and are not biased by either party.

Within the company we have expertise in the following:-

  • Land and property disputes and valuations
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Utility company disputes
  • Overage and restrictive covenant disputes
  • Access and ransom disputes

In liaison with our Farmstock division, Harrison & Hetheringtonwe also provide expert witness reports for court involving livestock valuations.